The National Pipe Organ Register (NPOR)

NPOR Statistics 2016

The British Institute of Organ Studies 2016 (BIOS)

Number of surveys, pictures and soundfiles delivered

This graph shows the total number of organ specifications, pictures and audio files delivered to users during each month.

Details graph

Number of searches performed on the NPOR, BOA and DBOB

This graph shows the total number of searches of each type performed each month.

Searches graph

Number of surveys, buildings and places edited

This graph gives a measure of the maintenance activity on the NPOR and shows the number of surveys, buildings and places which have been added or edited during each month. The number of surveys edited is derived from the number of times an existing survey has been replaced by an edited version. The numbers for buildings and places record the number of times the appropriate record was changed.

Edits graph

Number of surveys, photographs and audio files added

This graph gives additional information about maintenance activity and shows the number of new surveys, pictures and audio files added each month.

Items added graph

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